Gender Specific Groups

To provide gender specific supports in relation to education, training, development of life skills, as well as to enhance and encourage emotional and personal development through promoting a gender specific approach to our projects philosophy of engagement with service users.

This support can take the form of group information sessions, parenting skills courses, information dissemination, development of peer drug educators and gender specific health issues.

Set in a safe, nurturing and confidential environment we are able to meet the needs of our client groups in many areas through a gender specific focus.

Whether it is gender specific health issues, life skills, relationship or parental rights issues we can raise awareness within our client group and promote the need for a gender balanced approach to these issues.

Female group work:

• Child care and parenting
• Women’s health issues
• Welfare rights
• Peer support
• Life coaching

Male group work:

• Relationship difficulties
• Fathers rights
• Men’s health issues
• Male stereo types
• Welfare rights
• Peer support
• Male parenting