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Station 1 Rehabilitation Programme

In 2006 Clondalkin Tus Nua highlighted the lack of locally based CE rehabilitation places suitable for drug users in the early stages of recovery. Responsibility was given to Clondalkin Tus Nua and Clondalkin Drug Task Force Treatment & Rehabilitation Sub-Group to develop a proposal for a community based Rehabilitation Project

In December 2007 the Clondalkin Tus Nua launched the Station 1 Rehabilitation & Development Programme

Station 1 is a D.S.P. sponsored rehabilitation day programme that is tailored to meet the needs of individuals in recovery from substance dependency.
Our aim is to provide a therapeutic setting to focus on returning to work and gaining economic/social independence, while providing a continuum of support in relation to recovery needs.

The programme operates 2 x 19.5 hours per week (morning and afternoon programmes)

The main elements of the programme are Educational, Holistic and Therapeutic


Our Educational Interventions are based on:

  • Providing a learning environment that is Interactive, Collaborative and Enjoyable.
  • Providing material that is relevant to the needs of the participant group.
  • Neutralizing any negative associations from previous learning environments


  • Encouraging the participant to include healing strategies that support the whole person.
  • Providing tools that help and increase control over one’s behaviour in positive ways.
  • Reducing tension, anxiety, depression and insomnia, improving overall mental, physical well-being.


  • Providing a core concept form that feeds into all elements of the programme.
  • Providing group setting in which participants can gain a deeper understanding to the process of addiction.
  • Providing and promoting a peer support setting to enable participants to relate with each other in a caring and supportive way.