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Harm Reduction/Outreach Service

Clondalkin Tús Nua offers a low threshold Harm Reduction Service to support some of our most vulnerable service users and reduce the harm caused by problematic substance use, namely Heroin and Crack Cocaine.  The aim of our Harm Reduction service is to reduce the spread of blood born viruses and other health consequences associated with injecting or smoking substances, in a safe non judgemental environment.

Active substance users deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Here in Clondalkin Tús Nua our Harm Reduction Support service encompasses these values.  We create an environment where all substance users are welcomed with compassion, dignity and respect.

Clondalkin Tús Nua provides a street based Outreach Service to meet people on the ground and help them to access safer, cleaner material to use their substance of choice.

The Harm Reduction/Outreach Service Offers:

  • Provision of Safer Injecting Equipment
  • Provision of Clean Crack Pipes
  • Promotion of Harm Reduction and Good Health/Safe Sex Practice Advice
  • Building Non Judgemental, Supportive Relationships with Active Drug Users
  • One-to-One Drug Intervention Support
  • Open Access Drop In
  • Self Care Promotion
  • Support accessing homeless shelters/accommodation when required
  • Hygiene packs
  • Health Promotion
  • Referrals to relevant agencies
  • Distributing harm reduction supplies, hygiene supplies, education materials etc
  • Relevant information on drugs issues etc
  • Referrals to relevant agencies