Complimentary Therapies

To provide a range of alternative therapies for active, drug free and stabilised clients, their parents and family members.

Complimentary therapies are utilized in our project as part of our holistic approach to dealing with substance abuse.

The uses are many fold in both situations where either clients or family members of those in addiction avail of this service.

For individual clients these therapies contribute to reducing mental and physical stress levels and help to promote the clients ability to relax and in turn help in increasing the clients clear headedness when engaging in the service through the key working process.

For clients who are near to entering residential treatment or are undertaking a home detox, complimentary therapies are indispensable in helping those suffering withdrawal symptoms and in general through releasing tension.

For family members, complimentary therapies provide a vital “time out” or respite from the depression many suffer as a result of living through the process of addiction in the family.

Acupuncture sessions are now offered to all service users and an accu detox programme is offered to clients with Cocaine addiction. (Three members of staff been trained and insured to practice acupuncture)

• Indian Head Massage
• Massage
• Reflexology
• Full Body Acupuncture
• Arricular Acupuncture
• Relaxation/Mediation