Family Support

Our Family Support Worker works with all family members including parents, siblings, partners and grandparents.

Family support is an integral tenant of the service our project provides.

Our aim is to support any family members affected through the process of addiction and by the erosion of the family unit that addiction causes.

This support takes the form of one to one sessions, crisis intervention, education/therapeutic workshops, referrals for counselling, group support, and much more.


It is implicit through the amount of work we do in this area that family support remains a vital resource of our projects holistic approach to the challenge addiction represents in our community.

• Through one to one sessions the family support worker is able to assess and identify the individual family members needs, develop a specific care plan and implement the supports needed. This is the most personal way in which we can address our family’s needs.

• With the Wednesday night family support group we foster peer support from within the community and help family members develop crucial networks of peer support and friendship which help to minimize the feelings of isolation and self blame which are so common around addiction in the family.